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" I ask and she nods excitedly so I laugh and spray some in her mouth as well.

When we moved, there was a small box of things that Jesse left over the house over the years so I grabbed the box and jogged upstairs, Jesse trailing behind me."Knock yourself out." I set her toys down on the floor, sitting on my bed so I can watch her play.

My field of vision is cut off by a pair of small hands and an always giggling girl."You shouldn't be looking at that." She laughs and I pry her hands from my eyes. " Jesse asks."Quiet." I shush her, glancing out of my window again to see Lydia exiting her room in a bright yellow sweater. " I turn back to Jesse and she glares at me."You just want to see that girl." She squints her eyes and I stand."Shut up, you'll love it.

Fresh air is important for you're brain or something like that." I argue.

He attended schools in the Mart, Texas area, where he played football in middle school, junior high, and high school.

Lydia stood at her closet, riffling through t-shirts. I scoot forward on the edge of the bed, almost leaning completely over to where I fall on the floor."is Lydia." She smiles."I'm Jesse." "Well, Jesse, would you like it if you're... I'd never heard Lydia laugh before and let me tell you, it was probably the most beautiful laugh if ever heard.A small grin spreads across my face and I look towards the ground, shoving my hands in my pockets."He's pretty good at lacrosse." Jesse breaks the short silence.In 2006, when he was 18 years old, Plemons joined the ensemble cast of NBC's television series Friday Night Lights, filmed in Austin, Texas, detailing the fictional events surrounding a high school football team in fictional Dillon, Texas.In the show's first season, his character Landry Clarke provided comic relief as the best friend of football quarterback Matt Saracen, though Landry himself was not on the team.

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