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The combined KOY-TV and KOOL-TV operation operated as a primary CBS It lost the ABC affiliation when KTVK (channel 3) signed on in February 1955, leaving channel 10 as an exclusive CBS affiliate; as a result, it was now able to feature Autry's show Gene Autry's Melody Ranch on its schedule.

This month, a portion of our lemonade sales will benefit […]Flower Child loves supporting people who believe in our same values.The Autry-Prairie Farmer group signed on channel 10 as a shared operation on October 24, 1953.Under the arrangement, the two separate stations alternated airtime, but used the same channel allocation and transmitter.) and tumblers to fill up with lemonade for the road. Or give us an idea, or a recipe you’d like to see, or tell us about an employee who did a great job.Even the little ones can join our good vibe tribe with head-turning statement tees and onesies. We love feedback and thrive on it; it’s the most important way we can learn and get better.

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