9 year age gap dating

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the only thing is im 21 and hes 30, is this age gap to big, because im beyond what people think, i just would like an opinion. Remember one thing, you are the one dating him, not your friends and families. my parents were 11 years apart and married 57 years). (My mother was transformed from my father's wife, partner, confidante and lover into his full-time medical carer, nurse and housekeeper.) I don't think so no.My boyfriend is 9 years older than me too, and we met when I was 22. If its a healthy relationship, then age shouldn't even factor into it in my opinion.

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I mos def am not ashamed nor embarressed to be seen in public. he tells me how he thinks about me all the time and really likes me..i like him too.If it seems right to both of you, then there's no other answer than no to your question.U are correct on people mentioning love after one week of knowing one another..have been seeing each other for 2 months now and things are going good. I find him facinating with the stories he has and the experinces he shares with me. i met this guy last week we have hung out for 3 days straight, and we hit it off really well.I'm sorry but I find it funny how a couple people mentioned love after y'all knowing each other for a week.I think the better question right now is: do y'all have feelings for each other (if you do love each other after one week, props to you).

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